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The stars and planets possess both positive and negative effect on the lives of humans. The science that deals with the study of the relative position of these heavenly bodies, and its impact on the human life- personal and professional is called Astrology.

Many people think that palmistry is not a science, but an ordinary guessing or forecast like astrological. They are deeply mistaken, palmistry is a science, since the lines on the palm, the shape of the palm,

"The greatest happiness on earth is marriage." Yes, this is rightly said by William Lyon Phelps, but only if it becomes successful.And the success of marriage can be astrologically calculated from the 7th house of your astro-birth-charts.

Take a job or try hands-on in business or politics. Generally, these questions arise in the mind of every person who has just started looking for a living. Many times, highly educated youth are also upset about the career because they have trouble in making clear decisions. .

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What do you think when you hear - astrology? Are you worried that you will be told how your life goes on, what happens to you or not? Or are you hoping for an answer as to when you will finally meet the hoped-for partner or when you will win the jackpot in the lottery? Or whether you prefer to resign from a newly started job for which you have moved, but unfortunately it is not. All these and many other questions are understandable and urgent. But even if the answer is recognizable with Famous Astrologer in Delhi, hand on heart - is it really the greatest benefit to experience a yes or a no?
Yes, with certain astrological techniques it is quite possible to answer specific questions. And it is also possible to see what is currently in the life of a person seeking advice, even if something unexpected or a conflict has happened recently. However, which concrete event is behind it, that, in turn, is not apparent.
And in terms of career development? Your horoscope does not commit you to any particular profession or position. What you can learn is where promising talents are hidden, whether or how you can earn money and arrange satisfying work, or what inherent contradictions you may have hitherto prevented from progressing on the career ladder. With the help of Famous Astrologer in Delhi, you will have the opportunity to work on the next steps in your career, to decide when a favorable time for a job change or a further education, etc.

Gems and Rudraksha also Available


An essential aspect of rudráksha is that all the sampradayas (schools of Hinduism) worship and carry it, including the Vaishnavas (devotees of Vishnu who usually keep accounts of the sacred plant of Tulasi). Regardless of your spiritual orientation and religion, your race or gender, anyone can carry rudráksha seeds. Keeping accounts of rudráksha does not produce adverse effects, according to Gemstone astrology in Delhi, rudraksha favors inner peace and help to eliminate the consequences of negative karma due to past actions. Carrying rudráksha helps to advance in the spiritual path thanks to the blessings of Shiva, that represent the purity of thought, word, and action.

Bring rudrákshas accompanied by pearls, crystals, silver, gold and precious stones helps to eliminate the planetary and astrological misfortunes, to overcome the fear of premature death.


For centuries, Buddhists and Hindus have used the sacred seed of rudráksha to meditate, heal, control stress and facilitate positive changes in body, mind, and spirit. Rudrakasha astrology in Delhi can also help you to choose best seeds for your problems.

Yogis carry accounts of rudráksha to favor the control of the senses and facilitate deep states of calm and mental concentration. Rudraksha means Rudra (a name of the god Shiva) and aksha (eyes) "the eyes of Shiva" although they are also known as "the tears of Shiva."

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